English brief

English brief

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Международный интернет-конкурс GoldenSite (2004). Победа в номинации «Специальные интернет-проекты» - сайт ресторана кубинской кухни «Варадеро»

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Important by selecting internet agency:
With the rapid development of the internet we face new challenges in constantly changing business world. Now it’s time to seek for new solutions and revise our whole way of thinking.

It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true - there are millions of websites online and thousands of new ones are appearing every day.

If you don’t want your internet project to get lost in the endless space of the web select a professional internet agency. Build your business on the web together with ActiveMedia.

ActiveMedia is a full service e-media agency. We integrate the marketing common sense of a traditional ad agency with the technical innovation of an IT consulting company. This results in unique offers which deliver high-performance websites, multimedia, branding, and print graphics.

Our preferences:
It takes more than attractive graphics to truly capitalize on e-media opportunities. It takes an integrated approach including:

• strategic planning to align media and business objectives
• understanding your target audience demographics and drivers
• strict adherence to usablity standards and best practices
• effective content (verbal communication)
• brand enhancing creative (non-verbal communication)
• media enablers (marketing, technical innovation, support, etc.)
• monitoring metrics and analysis

ActiveMedia uniquely combines all listed tasks into a single structure.  If you are serious about building your business using the web, multimedia or traditional marketing; ActiveMedia is the perfect partner to add to your team.

Our purposes:
ActiveMedia does everything completely and never allows any similarities. Our solutions are durable and practical. We pay attention to every detail and always do more than promised. We offer lifelong guarantees for our projects and foresee everything even during creation process.

We are always ready to develop the project and provide informational and technical support of the highest quality. Representatives of all media professions, from translator till editor are always available and at your disposal.

ActiveMedia – is your partner company. We take the task, study it and realize with maximal efficiency. The work on the project in constantly in process considering long-term cooperation. Our motto is – Our customers become our friends, but remain our customers! Our customers are very different – some represent widely known trade marks, some are companies working for specific market sector.

Our project is always successful among our competitor’s projects:

• outstanding web design and development
• icons and interfaces design
• multimedia products multiplicity: rich media banners, flash and interactive CD/DVD presentations, animation and 3D-modeling   
• consulting and marketing analysis

Branch Offices:
Mainz, Germany
Moskow, Russia
Kiev, Ukraine

Development Center:
Minsk, Belarus